Shipping is about sending various things to different addresses.

In the world of shipping, 4 pieces of information are key:

  • Sender’s Name
  • Sender’s Address
  • Receiver’s Name
  • Receiver’s Address

Often, a sender will have a single name and address, but a long list of different receivers to ship products to.

Typically, receiver names and addresses are stored in digital form with a particular filetype. The important process is to transform the digital information into physical printouts that can be attached to shipping boxes and containers.

How do we do this. First we need a printer that works with the computer. Second we need software that will import the shipping files, add more shipping data as necessary, and finally communicate with the printer to produce physical shipping printouts. This is the simple summary.

The physical printouts may be normal pieces of paper or labels with adhesive backings. The adhesive labels can be attached to shipments just like a sticker, while paper needs needs to be inserted into a plastic pouch that is adhered to the shipment.


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