Demand Research

Email Friends

Sell on Ebay

Sell at Physical Events

Sell on Craigslist

Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Product Crowdfunding Campaign with Pre-orders


Template for Product Crowdfunding Campaign Page


[Product Name] – [Product Function]

[Product Description] developed by [Company Name]


[Minimum Acceptable Production Funding Goal]

[Time Between 30 and 60 Days]


[Pre-orders, Accessories, Swag]


[Briefly Explain Team and Mission, Product Demo, What Stage is the Product at, Why We Need Your Support]


Article (Add Pictures Between Text Sections!)

[Team and Mission] – Open Source Business

[Content, Include Link to Company Website]

[Product] – Open Source Hardware




Product Documentation

[Link to Design Rationale]

[Link to Design Files]

[Link to Suppliers/Providers]

Development Software

[Software Used for Development]

Distribution and Support Process

[Crowdfunded Pre-order Distribution]

[Inventory Point-of-sale Distribution]

[Customer Support]

The Product Process: Transforming Ideas into Reality

[Actualizing Ideas]


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